Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to business..

The khabrizz are back to business. The spice bag is full as always and things continue to happen at our haven. Over the week,(as the IIITM tradition has been!),we had lots of interesting juicy matters springing out of nowhere  providing us with enough ammunitions to blow your heads off...(metaphorically! of course!)

The highlight of the past week was the daandiya night..or rather spell it the dj night in disguise.! ;) the daandiyas were frantically searched after by evryone present...(despite the fact that most of the interested ones were first timers ;P)...though as soon as the 'munni badnaam hui' was played...evrybody threw away those sticks with nonchalance.All the couples,though dancers or not tried out their hand at the task.....pretty much a sight to behold... ;)

another mast news was the mail to the students by the 'security missionaries'.....omg! girls not allowed except canteen....(fishy no?)..poor couples...our sympathy!!and the bigger news was the second mail which said..'all the above info was bullpoop'...(cmon that wasnt the exact vocabulary!)

the hottest buzz is the urja scene which has evryone flexing their muscles...(literally!!). the khabrizz have to say : play to win people but dont forget ...after the 3rd of october,your opponents are afterall your the khabrizz adive: take it easy and chillllll.....!!
along with urja comes,the girls baddie practice in the boyz hostel!!! and that has caused but one positive effect.....the BH-3 residents bathe and comb their hair properly before the practice starts......ahem thats why we say..behind every bathed hosteler,there's a shuttlecock... :P
and now its some time for our facebook profile to die for: follow the link within the quotes..
and see for yourself the very sexy and happening...india's own rapper the--->'hopp_dogg'....for more check his awesome profile out.....and enjoy his typical englissSSSsss.....
for more such juicy stew--keep in touch..hasta la vista!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spicing up ur lives !!

Enuf of academic exploitation.. timez now 2 make a clean breast of everything.. how about opening up all dat has actually kpt us goin for the past week? Only a week bcoz drez so mch happening… yes ppl let’s relive all dat we have n all dat we wud want to.. here go ‘The Khabrizz’ signing in for the 1st tym… 

Ganesh Mahotsavz on so whtz with the attire ppl? Guesses.. kurtas isn’t it?? Now imagine parivesh on show in the season.. think for a while.. thought?? 

The Khabrizz say, “ With water splashing and spoiling jeans, and also the tender gurlz skin, itz a complete switchover to 3-4ths n of course the fraction going lower even marginally would make us all the more….. 0_O"

Reading room has gone a little populous dese days.. I kno u’ll all say YES and wud not consider me wrong putting it in capitals.. n wud it have a unanimous answer?

The Khabrizz say, “Keep Silence: Lovebirds @ work...” (PS: The couples can poke noses over dis… no offence) :) now dat PMC has lost its glamour serving a correct example of population boom, for sure we IIITMites have been keeping the cupid pretty bsy.. 

Uploading and downloading interest many n more too when much of its contnt says HOT.. I kno adrenaline building up.. but with all constraints and due regards to all our charged readers, whatz Hottest level 2 at DC? (Level 1 is known to all of us) 

The Khabrizz say, “COMICS n the restz felt”

I m sure we can all b brand ambassadors of Google.. y nt, with da amnt of Google buzz we use, have we ever put in a thought, how much the IT giant makes out of us?? Alrite.. let’s have the best answer to wht keeps us on track at Buzz… 

The Khabrizz say, “MANYATA (Dutt) is pregnant” n wait on drez a tie for the best answer.. sum of us will kno y.. The Khabrizz say, “DISGUSTING GLUTTONS” (hint: CL goers) 

Okk.. whtz the biggest party source? We’ll tell u wht, most of the ques we ask have unanimous answers.. 'arre' we r all alike folks :) rite, so let’s get on wid dis 1..

 The Khabrizz say, “D**U.. but hang on ppl.. is it safe to bring it in.. BEWARE even cars r not enuf.. sum of us have done the honors of getting caught. (no offence)

Change is the only thing that remains constant.. hmm, a lil too much 2 digest.. get it.. but think, think about the latest fad we kno of…  

The Khabrizz say, “Even Sugriv has had a makeover”.

N whoz justifying his profession rite? ok.. dis onez for the 1st n 2nd yrs .. make a good thoughtful guess… done?? 

The Khabrizz say, “The winner of musical chair.. none oder dan,----- Do we need to say?” 

We don’t c ventriloquists nemore in our campus!! Do we ppl?? You know wht they’ve found an all tym buddy to talk to who helps them convey their thoughts to the more ‘vella’ crowd. N once again we wud all say, ‘Facebook’. This intelligent friend inquires on what is going through ur mind...

 The Khabrizz say, “kyunki ROFL bhi kabhi lol tha!!”